The DesignLights Consortium® (DLC)
list plays an important role in the Illuminate California program. To qualify for program incentives, lighting products must be listed on the DLC list, in addition to meeting all program requirements (listed here).

At the time of sale, we recommend checking the DLC list to make sure product qualification hasn’t changed. Follow these steps to find products on the DLC list:

  • Create and log into a free MyDLC account.

  • If you need to look up a specific product:

    1. Under “Find Qualified Products” enter the product model number, DLC product ID, or manufacturer brand and select the Solid State Lighting QPL. Click the search icon.
    2. If the product you’re looking for shows up in the “Listed Products” results, you’ve confirmed it is on the DLC list.
  • If you need to find a list of products that meet Illuminate California requirements:
    Enrolled Program Partners can request the Illuminate California Qualified Products Lists (QPLs). You can also run your own search on DLC following these steps:

    1. Under “Find Qualified Products” select the Solid State Lighting QPL and click the search icon.
    2. Use the search criteria on the left side the results based on your project needs and Illuminate California program requirements (listed here). Be sure to filter by reported values, not tested values (e.g., reported light output and efficacy).
    3. Be sure to select one of the following primary use designations:
      • Internal Driver/Line Voltage (UL Type B) Lamps
      • 2-Lamp External Driver (UL Type C) Lamps
      • 3-Lamp External Driver (UL Type C) Lamps
      • 4-Lamp External Driver (UL Type C) Lamps
      • High-Bay Luminaires for Commercial and Industrial Buildings
      • Low-Bay Luminaires for Commercial and Industrial Buildings
    4. Click on “Save Search Criteria” to save the search for future use.
    5. Click on each product to view additional details.
  • When submitting Illuminate California documentation, you’ll need the following information from the DLC product listing:

      • DLC Product ID
      • Manufacturer Name (not brand name)
      • Model Number

Note, Illuminate California does not require products to be classified as DLC Premium.

If you have questions about identifying products on the DLC list, please contact us at or 844-888-7722.

Posted June 13, 2022